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Your home is one of most valuable assets you can ever have, so you have to make sure to keep it protected and safe at all times. Aussie Shutters Rollers shutters provide the most advanced and protective shutter for homes and business. Not many are aware of the differences between normal windows shutters and roller shutters. Let’s get into more details below to explain what are roller shutters?

Benefits of Roller Shutters

If you are one of those property owners who are looking to provide full protection to their property, checking out the features offered by roller shutters will surely offer you some great ideas on why you should use one. Using roller shutters at home or any other type of property certainly has a lot of benefits.

Benefits of Roller Shutter

A few benefits are outlined as follows:

Inclusive Security

With roller shutters, you can make sure that you and your property will be completely protected. Roller shutters display a direct visible deterrent, which protects your property against vandalism and burglary. Insulation Roller Shutters also have properties for thermal insulation, which lessen the summer heat effects and maintain the warmth during cold winter months.

In addition to this, roller shutters are set close to the door or window they secure. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to find it hard to open. The mere idea that these systems are set to a property makes it prevention to prospective burglars, who would go anywhere else and locate other homes to break into.

To put it simple, roller shutters make a full home protection. This is especially beneficial if you are living in or around high theft suburbs or streets which are prone to criminal activity.

Break-In Protection

Home, shop or office security is the primary function that is primarily fulfilled by roller shutters. If you are away from your property, these roller shutter systems will efficiently secure your property.

Sun Protection

Roller shutters allow you to comfortably chill even during summer days. Also, it protects your furniture, carpeted floors and curtains against fading because of the effect of sun rays.

Weather Protection

Once installed in your own home, roller shutters provide window protection against any environmental effects, such as hail, damaging wind gusts, snow and rain. When you have roller shutters installed, broken tree branches and flying objects that have been taken up by the storm won’t damage your doors or windows.

Noise Protection

With roller shutters, noise levels in your room will be reduced for more comfortable leisure or work because of the application of aluminum profiles and the foam insulation.

Protection Against the Peeping Stranger

Roller shutters simply provide you the best protection level. It offers you the chance to make the most of your own privacy inside your apartment or home. Your personal privacy will be guaranteed with roller shutters and is especially important for homes and businesses on the ground floor.

Significant Reduction On Utility Cost

The use of roller shutters offers your home with flexibility in temperature. For this reason, the cost of cooling and heating your home will be reduced substantially all year round, which makes the product a perfect investment for the future.

roller shutters

Make sure to use these shutters if you are living in Sydney in order to alleviate your costs on energy as well as the harmful environmental effects.

The utilization of these roller shutters provides your home with the best insulation against cold, heat and noise. These shutters dramatically decrease heat that gets in your property during the summer season since the glass doesn’t turn hot, while cutting heat loss during winters as well.

They alleviate sound that gets in by as much as 50%. With this, your home will become peaceful, comfortable, and quiet all through the year. With all of these, the use of roller shutters simply means value for your money.

In addition to this, roller shutters help you save money on maintaining your window. This is due to the fact that windows stay more smooth and cleaner for a longer period of time. This is while reducing the damage caused by debris and dust. While these shutters offer insulation, they can also help when it comes to cooling and heating costs.

Alleviating harsh light may also save you on costs of fabrics and furnishings close to the window as they will not fade as much as they are used to and so will last for a longer time period. Roller shutters improve the value as well as appearance of your property, secure you against possible intruders, and help you make savings on maintenance costs and energy bills. With all of these, they make an excellent investment for you.

Why Choose Roller Shutters From Aussie Shutters?

Aussie Shutters is one of the well trusted providers when it comes to roller shutters. This is especially true if you are living in Sydney. If your home in Sydney is surrounded by noise, busy roads, aircraft, or close to some entertainment complex, Aussie Shutters has the best solution for you. Roller Shutters from Aussie Shutters will help you solve the following:


Our roller shutters are designed to provide the best level of security against potential vandalism and burglary.


Our roller shutters also come with thermal insulation properties, which alleviate the impact of summer heat, while keeping warmth in winter season.

Noise & Light

Roller shutters provide the best solution to reduce noise levels from the outside. Ventilation and light may be adjusted for creating a soft, pleasantly lit atmosphere.

Manage Your Environment

With their roller shutters, you will be able to deter the sun rays from fading interior furnishings and carpets, while serving a long-term protection for your window frames.

Bush Fires

You can ask Aussie Shutters about our fire retardant roller shutters. Studies from the CSIRO have proven roller shutters work to deflect radiant heat from bushfires.

To get full home protection using roller shutters, make sure to check out the products and services offered by Aussie Shutters.

roller shutters

Understanding Roller Shutters

A roller shutter is a kind of window or door shutter consisting of a number of horizontal slats (or at times bars) hinged together. This type of door is lowered for closing and raised for opening.

On bigger doors, the operation might be motorized. This provides protection against rain and wind. For optimal protection, the shutter is installed on the exterior of the window protecting your family from burglary attempts and vandalism

Roller shutters offer a number of applications, which include doors for garages, vans, schools, kitchens, warehouses and prisons. In other parts of the world, the use of roller shutters are used by governments to enhance the security of buildings.

In places which are being exposed frequently to rough weather roller shutters are used to insulate and protect windows from hail damage.

Types of Roller Shutters

There are several types of roller shutters and each of them has a unique functional operation. Some of these types include the following:

Built-On Roller Shutter Doors

This is the type of roller shutter in which the box of the roller shutter is set to the building façade’s exterior.

Built-In Roller Shutter Doors

This is a roller shutter type in which the box is set internally around the window so the roller shutter box is hidden.

Integrated Roller Shutter Door

In this type, a roller window and shutter are mixed as one single unit.


In this roller shutter type, it comes with the gear drive from a shutter roller that is traced through a building façade into the universal joint on a room side, which is run by the cranked winding handle.

Roller Shutter With Tilting Laths

This is the type of roller shutter that comes with laths, which tilt comparable to the exterior venetian blind.


With the tubular motor, which is fitted on the roller, automatic operation may be added in this form of roller shutter.

Manual Tape

In this form of roller shutter, a tape drive about the flange on a roller is being traced through a building façade having a pulley guiding to the inertia reel on a room’s side.

Fire Shutter

This can either be an electric roller shutter or manual roller shutter that utilizes a weight bar and Woods Metal to close a roller shutter or could be connected to a Fire Alarm System to automatically close in the event of a fire alarm activation.

roller shutters

Different Components of Roller Shutters

In order to function properly, roller shutters come with different components that allow it to function effectively. Some of the components that make up a roller shutter include the following:


This component can be made of aluminum, PVC or steel extrusion, and multi or single wall.

Shutter Box

This component is the formed aluminum or steel extrusions that are designed to protect the assembly of the roller.

Roller Tube

This is aluminum or steel tube that is supported either at end or by end plate.

Shutter Spring

this component may come in two different parts that include:

Spring Wire - Also named as torsion spring, this component can also be made from spring wire.

Flat Spring - This can be formed through tempered and hardened steel strips within coils. Some of the typical steel grades include CK67, C67, SAE1070 and more.


This is a crucial part of a shutter lock to keep the shutter in place. This may be locked using a Shutter Lock or Bullet Lock complemented with arms, which lock the shutter to frame.

Guide Rail or Track

This roller shutter component can be made of aluminum or steel in order to maintain the shutter curtain. In this component, rubbing strips may be added in order to alleviate drought and rattle strips.

Standard Guide Rails – This type of guide rails is classic and is utilized for standard forms of roller shutter with underlying requirements to shutters.

Doubled Guide Rails – This is being used to blend two roller shutters or more and to separate wide openings, hence, it is alleviating the system cost.

Reinforced Guide Rails – These rails comes with thicker wall than the standard ones. They are utilized within roller shutters to improve the anti-burglar security of the property.

Angle Guide Rails – This type of guide rails is used to aid the roller shutter installation in openings that come with the thermal insulation layer. In addition to this, these rails are ideal for distancing from doors or windows.

Distance Guide Rails – These rails are utilized to space out roller shutters from door and window openings. This type helps increase sound and thermal insulation.

Bottom Lath

The bottom lath can be made of PVC, steel or aluminum in order to complement the lath. This may be added with rubber tubes to lessen draught.